The Christian Divide


Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, writes in the foreword to Timothy Radcliffe’s wonderful Why Go to Church?:

It is a great delight to be able to introduce the work of one of the most lively and creative preachers of the gospel in the Roman Catholic Church today; and I hope that these pages will remind us that, whatever tensions and unfinished business still lie between the historic churches, the basic commitment is one and the same.[1]

This is a good sign. It is an acknowledgement of a common ground, a realisation that what divides us is less than what unites us. It is a good sign, but we, Christians, have to be more vigourous in our contribution. Dialogue and convergence can only be achieved through our daily effort. A long road lies in front of us, but we must walk along it and come together again.


[1] Rowan Williams, “Foreword”, in Timothy Radcliffe, Why Go to Church?: The Drama of the Eucharist (New York: Continuum, 2008), p. x.