Rosamundi’s Ramblings é um dos blogues que leio regularmente. É escrito por uma leiga dominicana de Londres. Em dois textos, ela fala sobre a sua vida como dominicana com a mesma despretensão com que escreve sobre tudo. No primeiro, explica porque é que se tornou leiga dominicana:

It is said of our founder, St. Dominic, that he spent all his time talking to people about God, and talking to God about people.

We are all Dominicans, with the same charism (mission), but different ways of following that. We all strive to live by the four pillars of Dominican life, prayer, community, study and preaching; but according to our state in life — a Dominican friar will express the charism differently to a cloistered nun, who will express it differently to an apostolic sister, who will again be different to a lay Dominican.

O segundo texto desenvolve o primeiro, esclarecendo porque é que, não gostando ela de discursar, se juntou à Ordem dos Pregadores:

Study, reading and writing have always been important to me. I’m not so keen on the “public speaking” bit of preaching, but there are more ways of preaching than talking to people — writing, teaching catechism classes, answering colleagues’ strange questions on obscure points of doctrine before I’ve had my morning coffee. I think my finest hour was explaining Purgatory in fewer than 140 characters on Twitter. And nerves about public speaking will lessen with time and practice — I was less nervous leading the study than I was the first time I did, for example.